Our Company

We are a one-stop creative workshop in Belgium. We specialize in Visual Development and Special Effects for films, TV series, games, shows, theme parks and special events. Our experience spans 20 years in the industry and our clients include : Dreamworks Studios, Wanda China, Franco Dragone Entertainement Group, Netflix, Warner Bros, Nintendo, XYZ Films, Walibi, Pairi Daiza, Holliday on Ice, Anonymous Content, Spectrevision, Umedia, Smash Media Films, …

Our team is composed of highly skilled and talented artists and a network of globally located experts in previz, concept design, art direction, SFX and make-up, bringing their experience working for the top names in the industry.

We help you at every stage, from pitch to pre-production through visual development. We make your project stand out by producing never seen images and designs that go beyond your expectations and will make your project stand unique.

We can step in at any stage on a project : Pitch & Visual development / Pre-Production / Production & shooting / Promotion & communication / Merchandising

Our services include : Pitch-dev, IP development, Concepting, Storyboards, Concept-art, Animatics, Set Design, 3D printing & sculpting, creature design, on-set make-up et FX, Set fabrication, Costume fabrication.

Special effects mastery

We have spent years perfecting special effects in film